Sound Files

Be Good by Anthony D’Alessandro
This is an original composition of my own played by a quintet.  Recorded April 12, 2017.

Stormy Monday played by the Avery Cantello Blues Band
This is our take on a classic slow blues.  Recorded June 13, 2016.

Hey Bartender played by the Avery Cantello Blues Band
Here’s an upbeat blues shuffle.  Recorded June 13, 2016.

Aiden’s Ballad by Aiden Salvati
A sensitively played ballad composed by and featuring tenor saxophonist Aiden Salvati.  Recorded April 12, 2017.

Something That by Anthony D’Alessandro
Here’s one of my original compositions played by the Anthony D’Alessandro Trio.  Enjoy some solo piano off the top.  Recorded October 20, 2016.